Quick Flowers for Summer Dining


If you are having friends round for dinner and want to decorate the table with flowers I find it is best to choose a low compact design.  By using a set of vases you can group the flowers to suit the space on your table, whether it is in a line or clustered together.  For this design I chose “Sweet Williams” but you could use bloom carnations instead.

How to create

I used 3 glass cube vases only 7cm tall, but you could use any shaped vase providing it is low and open topped or mix a collection of small vases – odd numbers tend to look better.  Make sure the vases are clean, cut one of the stems so the flower sits just above the top of the vase – then use this stem as a guide and cut all the others.  Remove any remaining leaves.  Fill the vases with water and place on your table.

Sweet Williams

Are a variety of the Dianthus species shared by carnations. Their flat clustered heads lend themselves to this design.  They can have quite a traditional cottage garden look, but used on their own in simple vases become contemporary blocks of colour.  They have a light clove fragrance.


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