Sunshine vase


Sunflowers the ultimate sunshine flower mixed with Carthamus in a chunky glass vase finished with raffia.  I found the Carthamus on a market stall, but if you can’t find them you could use alstromeria, asters, solidago, chrysanthemum.  I have chosen a yellow/orange colour scheme, but sunflowers also look great with deep red-violet flowers, these repeat the reddish brown centres.

How to create

As sunflowers are quite a heavy thick stemmed flower I chose a solid chunky vase, you could use a pottery jug instead or for a dramatic look a dark ceramic vase.  Remove any lower leaves on the sunflowers and carthamus.  I then loosely arranged the flowers in my hand, distributing the flowers fairly evenly in a circle. Make sure the heads of the flowers are fairly level and no stems have slipped down inside, then cut the stems.  The sunflowers will need secateurs or a sharp knife rather than scissors.  Put the flowers in the vase then add diluted flower food.  Sunflowers are super thirsty flower and this is a big vase, so I added 2 litres.  Turn any flowers heads and tweek until you are happy.  I added a rustic element by wrapping some raffia around the vase.

You may need to refresh the water after 3 days.




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