Autumnal Roses

img_5432I wanted to create a table design that was also suitable for a housewarming gift for a friend.  I have posted a rose cube design before on my site, but this time I wanted to create a domed effect with the red roses.  The roses and alstroemeria were from a supermarket, but responsibly sourced (the roses are Fairtrade and the alstroemeria are from a British grower).   I went for rich warm colours which work well in Autumn, but of course would also make a lovely Christmas design.  To make this more Autumnal you could add berries, seedheads or rose hips.

How to Create

I used a 10cm chunky cube vase for this design, but you could also sit the flowers in a small fishbowl style vase.

I removed all the lower leaves from the roses and alstroemeria.  These roses had no thorns to remove.  I cut a length of string ready then started to create a dome of roses in my hand.  To create a tight dome you need to hold the flowers high up the stem, keep turning and adding a rose to create a circle, with the central flowers slightly above those on the outside.  I tied the string around the binding point (where you are holding the flowers).  Then using the vase as a guide, cut the stems so the roses would sit just above the vase rim.  When I sat the roses in the vase they naturally fell apart a little, so I inserted three stems of alstroemeria in the gaps.  I diluted some rose flower food and added this to the vase, making sure all the stems were in the water.

As this was also an Engagement present I added a diamante pin – to add some sparkle!




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