Making more of Chrysanthemums

img_5440Although available all year round, Autumn is the classic time associated with Chrysanthemums.  Unfortunately they have become associated with the last minute bedraggled bunch grabbed at the garage or a stiff old fashioned arrangement, but can be made to look interesting even stylish!

Follow these tips to get a great design with spray chrysanthemums

Avoid showing a lot of the stem – the stems aren’t very attractive so you can

img_5438Hide them in an opaque container, line the container with leaves, or cover your vase with something; could be raffia, fabric, paper…

Or cut them short and cluster together in a low vase

Or mix with other stems so they aren’t as obvious.

The flowers are at different heights

Work with this and create a casual style mixed with other flowers and maybe grasses

Cut the individual flowers off the main stem, and use in little vases like daisies – or cut really short and float in a bowl


Mix the textures

Mix in some smooth textures, shiny berries, smooth leaves, pebbles or a shiny container


I have used a white and green chrysanth – to keep a monochromatic scheme with the green hypericum berries, but of course there are loads of more Autumnal shades available from oranges, reds through to plums.

This website has loads of ideas

A really long lasting flower – Chrysanthemums have a vase life of seven to 14 days, sometimes longer,

How to Create

Design in glass fishbowl (top image)

Remove all the lower leaves from the chrysanths and hypericum.  Remove any lower flowers on the chrysanths put these to one side to put in a little vase.  Remove some of the top leaves on the chrysanths and hypericum that are hiding the flowers/berries.

Group the chrysanth stems together – so they form a slight dome

Group the berries together and add these to the side of flowers, angling the stems

Add the leaves around the flowers/berries to form a collar.  I used laurel from the garden but any shiny leaves would work, rolled/folded aspidistra or fatsia leaves would work well.

Tie at the binding point with some string.

Cut the stems so the flowers sit at the right height in the vase.

Dilute some flower food and add to the vase.


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