Forecourt flowers!


img_5457Short on time this week – I ended up having to buy flowers in a petrol station – luckily for me the shop attached to the petrol station was a “little Waitrose”, so they had more on offer than what you would usually expect in this type of shop!

I bought this lovely Autumnal bunch of flowers, which would also make a great impromptu gift as it was nicely wrapped.img_5454

There was a real mix of flowers; gerbera, roses, snapdragon, hypericum berries, brassica, solidago, alstroemeria, wax flower even the more exotic kangaroo paw!  I was drawn to the rich Autumnal shades, purple with red, orange and gold and the mix of textures.  As there was such a variety I decided to go for a casual picked from the garden look – I chose a low, thick glass pot, you could also use a collection of jam jars or a big storage jar.  The opening of my vase was possibly a bit wide so the flowers fell out to the sides a bit, but fortunately it gave the design the relaxed look I was aiming for!  You can create this with any mixed bunch of flowers the more variety the better.

How to Create

img_5461Remove the wrapping and any lower leaves.  You can either arrange in your vase/container cutting each stem and adding one by one –  or if you prefer arrange in your hand first before cutting and putting in the vase.  Either way start with the bulky foliage, in this case pittosporum, then add the flowers in any order you wish.  You will probably want the boldest flower (in this case the gerbera) somewhere near the centre of the design.  Cut each stem on the diagonal and use the provided flower food.

Kangaroo Paw

As its name suggests, Kangaroo Paw Anigozanthos is an Australian flower – it mainly comes in reds, oranges, lime and yellow and has a lovely fuzzy texture as well as an interesting shape that breaks up the round shape of many flowers.

from Autumn to Winter

Looking outside on a clear crisp day – we are definitely moving from Autumn to Winter and I am looking forward to a change in colour palette, selection of fresh materials and accessories which will of course get more Christmassy as we get nearer to Christmas.


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