Ornamental cabbage bouquet

IMG_0075[1]Cabbages aren’t the first thing we would think to add to a vase, but the ornamental cabbage offers vibrant colour and a form not unlike a rose.  This flower arrangement of ornamental cabbages, lilies and alstroemeria has intense berry shades associated with autumn.  I added some cerise aluminium wire to add a smooth and shiny texture to the design, but for a more natural alternative you could add some berries or glossy leaves.  Choose a solid vase that can support the weight of the cabbages and use flower food in your vase to help slow down the decay and avoid any cabbage smell!  You may need to change the water after a few days.

How to create an ornamental cabbage floral design

IMG_0077[1]Unwrap your flowers and remove all lower leaves.  Starting with the heavier stems of the cabbages create a group in your hand, add the lilies then complete the circular shape by filling in with groups of the alstroemeria.  As my flowers were going to sit in a cylindrical vase I tied them quite high up the stems to hold the flower heads closely together, showing off the long purple stems below.  Cut the stems so the flowers sit just above the rim of the vase – you will need secateurs to cut through the thicker stems.  Add the diluted flower food – this vase needed 2 litres.  If using the decorative wire curl it around the flower heads and tuck the ends into the design.



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