Autumn Asters

IMG_0067Early Autumn is the time for simple daisy shaped flowers, such as the Michaelmas Daisy, Dahlia and Asters – in this design I have combined two bunches of asters with some stems of wheat.  Stems of grass would also work well to break up the roundness of the design.  As these flowers easily form a round bouquet I chose a fish bowl vase to display these in.  These flowers are long lasting this picture was taken a week after the flowers were bought and will probably last another couple of days.

How to create

Remove all the lower leaves from the asters, and separate into individual stems.

Create a round design by holding a few stems in your hand and then adding more flowers around this, angling the stems and turning the bouquet so you get a domed shape.  Tie some string or raffia to hold in place when you are happy with the shape.  Cut down the stems so the flowers sit just above the rim of the vase.  Add water or diluted flower food to the vase.


Tulips inside a bowl

tulipglobeThis is a very simple, but eye catching contemporary design, all you need are some tulips and a fish bowl vase the grass is optional.  The purple version below is in a smaller vase so only used one bunch of tulips.  You can also add pussy willow to complement the tulips.  The glass magnifies the tulips, drawing your eye to the beauty of these Spring flowers.


How to create

Make sure your fishbowl vase is clean.

If your tulips have been in water leave them out of the water for 1/2 hour so the stems are more flexible

If you are using pussy willow or bear grass, cut off the thicker ends leaving the more flexible stems and curl this into the vase first.

Remove any bulky or damaged leaves from the tulips.  Cut to a length that will allow you to curl into the vase.  Then add your tulips one by one, making sure the stems are towards the bottom.

Turn the vase slightly each time so the flowers are spaced around the vase, vary the heights of the flowers – it looks good if one or two poke out above the rim of the vase.

Dilute your flower food in cold water and pour into the vase, make sure all the stems are in water.